Borriboon Chansiri
DA_FARMERS_175X175_Borriboon Chansiri1
  • Location: Sa Kaeo, Thailand
  • Family Size: Family of 4
  • "I’m proud of the Paper-Tree project. It makes my life better."

Meet Borriboon. She lives in the Arunyaprathet district of Sa Kaeo province, supporting a family of four by farming rice fields, and planting Paper-Tree saplings on her KHAN-NA, the unused space between rice paddies. Her daily routine consists of spending her morning in the rice fields, spending her afternoon taking care of those trees and then going to markets. Borriboon learned about the Paper-Tree Project from her neighbor and has planted fourteen hundred trees so far. Her trees are about two years old now. She looks forward to continuing to sell her trees to help with household expenses and renovating her lands. Her future in selling trees is looking bright, and she hopes to be able to pay off all her debts. She is very proud of the work she is doing, and she is grateful for the opportunity to work with the Paper-Tree Project because her rice crops don’t always provide stable income for her and her family.


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