Rungvirat Charadying
DA_FARMERS_175X175_Rungvirat Charadying
  • Location: Prachinburi, Thailand
  • Family Size: Family of 2
  • "Even though I plant the trees on the ridges of the rice paddy field, they never bother the rice.”

Meet Rungvirat. He is a farmer from Moo 10, Baan Hoi, in the Prachantakham district of Thailand. He and his wife are farmers who work in the rice fields and fruit farms. They also sell fruits and they make handcrafted products to sell on the side. They recently began their Paper-Tree planting journey through the project and love it! Every morning, Rungvirat starts his day working in the field and taking care of his trees. Around lunchtime, he returns home to help his wife make handcrafted items, then continues his day with going to the markets to sell fruits. He ends his day with coming home to care of his trees. At first, he didn’t plant many trees, but having realized the success of growing and selling the trees, he is excited to plant more. He will use the money he makes to send his children and grandchildren to school for a proper education. He loves how fast the trees grow and how easy they are to take care of. He has been planting the trees for two years now and is excited to continue growing the trees in the future.


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