Boonrung Jumpang
DA_FARMERS_175X175_Boonrung Jumpang
  • Location: Thasung Village, Thailand
  • Family Size: Family of 2
  • "Even on the land where I can’t grow anything, the Paper-Tree grow very well on it. It’s pretty easy to take care of."

Meet Boonrung, the assistant to a village headman of Moo 3, Thasung Village. She supports a family of two. As a farmer of rice, rubber trees, and trees from the Paper-Tree Project, her days are packed with work. Boonrung’s mornings begin with chores and housework before she heads to the farm fields to care for her crops. After taking care of her home and farm, she accompanies the village headman to meetings and oversees projects that are going on throughout the village. She was introduced to the Paper-Tree Project through word of mouth, thanks to the children of her village spreading the news. Although she planted these special cultivated trees before hearing of this project, she was still excited to expand her tree farm. She is proud to be finding new ways to earn money and support her house and family. What she likes most about planting trees through this project is that she can always be growing the trees to sell. They grow all year round, and the demand is always increasing, unlike the fluctuating demand for rice.


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