Jarern Kanmanee
DA_FARMERS_175X175_Jarern Kanmanee
  • Location: Chachoengsao, Thailand
  • Family Size: Family of 6
  • "I’m planning to spend the money that I will get from planting trees on my grandchildren’s education, house renovation and put the rest in my savings."

Meet Jarern. He is supporting a family of 6 by working as a village headman in Lat Krathing district’s Moo 7 in the Chachoengsao province of Thailand. His family consists of his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren. He works hard to provide for his family. In the mornings, he works as a village headman. In the afternoons, he returns to his rice fields to take care of them. He and his friend tried planting Paper-Tree saplings in his fields. Jarern has been planting trees for three years now, and is recommending it to many of his friends and neighbors because it is so easy to do and makes good money. He says that planting trees through the Paper-Tree Project makes him proud.


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