Pajon Kolsombhi
DA_FARMERS_175X175_Pajon Kolsombhi
  • Location: Chachoengsao, Thailand
  • Family Size: Family of 4
  • "They make my farm looks beautiful and shady. The planting of the Paper-Tree also helps the earth."

Meet Pajon, he lives with his family in the Sanam Chai Khet district of Thailand’s Chachoengsao province. There are four people in his family, including his wife, his son, and his daughter. Together, they farm cassava over 17 acres of land. The village headman told him to plant trees through this project and he received 500 trees to plant. That is where their journey with growing the Paper-Tree began. He started by planting the first 500 Paper-Tree saplings on the KHAN-NA, the unused space in his farm. He plans to use the money he makes from cutting and selling trees for household expenses. He really likes growing these trees because they are easy to take care of and they make his farm look beautiful and shady. He likes that growing the trees is giving back to the Earth and fighting to reduce the levels of global warming.


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