Natsarin Manadumrongtum
DA_FARMERS_175X175_Natsarin Manadumrongtum
  • Location: Thailand
  • Family Size: Family of 5
  • "When you walk into Paper-Tree planting area, you can feel some fresh air."

Meet Natsarin. She comes from a family of farmers. She currently lives with her parents and her daughter. Together, they farm rice, cassava, and rubber trees. They used to grow jackfruits, mangoes, and longans, but unfortunately, the elephants kept eating most of their crops. Because of this, they had to stop growing the fruits. Her family started growing the Paper-Tree three generations ago to make up for the loss of their fruit crops and support her father’s medical bills. He has colon cancer, and Paper–Tree planting has helped Natsarin’s family pay for the care that her father needs. Aside from farming, her family is now helping other people clear their lands to plant more trees, and is also helping them clean and cut the trees to sell once they are grown. They are even considering getting rid of their cassava crops to plant more trees because they love the benefits of the trees so much! Being a part of the younger generation, she supports the Paper-Tree Project because it helps her family financially, and also because it helps to fight global warming. She says that when you walk through a tree planting area, you can feel the fresh air and that it’s nice to cool off in the shade of the trees.


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