Bangorn Newilai
DA_FARMERS_175X175_Banaorn Newilai
  • Location: Chachoengsao, Thailand
  • Family Size: Family of 4
  • "I spent the money I got from selling the trees on house expenses, utility’s bill and my daughter’s tuition fees."

Meet Bangorn Newilai. She lives in Moo 11, in the Sanam Chai Khet district of Thailand’s Chachoengsao province. She supports a family of four, including her son, daughter-in-law, daughter, and herself. She’s a farmer that grows rice and rubber trees. A typical day starts with a few chores around the house. Then she moves over to the rice fields and rubber tree farm. She found out about Paper-Tree planting through other farmers in her village. She didn’t think she had the space on her small farm, but they explained that she could use KHAN-NA, the unused space between rice paddies. After selling her first lot of full-grown trees, she was able to spend the money on house expenses, utility bills, and her daughter’s tuition fees. These trees are very easy to maintain. This time, she plans to plant them around the rubber tree farm area too.

She had recommended to her neighboring farmer friends to plant the Paper-Tree on KHAN-NA, the unused space between rice paddies.  They plant the trees and wait till they are mature enough to be sold, providing them with additional income for their household!


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