Udom Nuyok
DA_FARMERS_175X175_Udon Noyok
  • Location: Sa Kaeo, Thailand
  • Family Size: Family of 2
  • "We spent the money selling trees on household expenses and our children's education, until my children graduated college.”

Meet Udom. He is from Moo 16, Khao Cagun, Nangwa in the Sa Kaeo province of Thailand. He currently lives with his wife, and his two children have married and moved out. Udom is a village headman and farmer. He grows rice, cassava, and sometimes corn. He also hand-weaves fabric on the side, making extra money to support his family. He is happy to be participating in the Paper-Tree Project. So far, he has planted the trees along the ridges of his rice fields (known as KHAN-NA.). He has been planting the Paper-Tree saplings for the past 10 years, and spent the income from selling them to Double A for his children's education. Now his children have graduated college with a degree because of Paper-Tree planting. With the money he will earn from growing and selling the trees, he plans to pay for both household expenses and his grandchildren’s education, until they have graduated college with a degree. He loves planting trees because he takes pride in helping the environment and fighting off global warming.


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