Boonme Srimanee
DA_FARMERS_175X175_Boonme Srimanee
  • Location: Thailand 
  • Family Size: Family of 4
  • "Elephants don’t destroy the trees like they do with the cassava I also plant."

Meet Boonme Srimanee, a Thai farmer supporting a four-person family through agricultural farming. Her family consists of her husband, two sons, and herself. They all work together daily on their farms, growing rice and cassava. Boonme and her family struggled to make ends meet with farming cassava because they had to keep watch, night and day, for elephants stomping through their farm and destroying their cassava crops. It was difficult for her to provide financial stability for her family, until she learned about the Paper-Tree project. Her family had the opportunity to receive her seedlings to plant, and as of now, she has planted close to one thousand trees.

The Paper-Tree project changed her life for the better, because she now has the opportunity to sell her low maintenance trees and expand her business. She has even received payment from other farmers for tapping rubber trees and cutting palm trees as well! She was excited to tell her friends about this project, and she did -- now her friends are growing these trees with total excitement and happiness.


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