Surasak and Noi Tiposaon
DA_FARMERS_175X175_Surasak Tiposaon
  • Location: Sa Kaeo, Thailand
  • Family Size: Family of 4
  • "The Paper-Tree Project could help us earn some extra money. We can also use empty space on the ridges of the rice paddy fields to grow something too.”

Meet Surasak and Noi Tiposaon. They live in Moo 9 of the Arunyaprathet district in Thailand’s Sa Kaeo province. The family of four consists of Surasak and Noi, their daughter, and their son. However, their son doesn’t live with them right now because he is on military duty in Bangkok, and their daughter just graduated from an agricultural program at Kasetsart University. The married couple are farmers that have rice fields, raise farm animals, and are a part of the Paper-Tree project. They care for cows, pigs, and chickens. In the mornings, Surasak will go to work in the rice fields and Noi will stay home to care for the animals and tend to the house. They found out about the Paper-Tree project through their village headman, and were excited for an opportunity to earn extra income for their family.


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