Vansana and Sonthaya Tonnoi
DA_FARMERS_175X175_Mr. and Mrs. Tonnoi
  • Location: Sa Kaeo, Thailand
  • Family Size: Family of 11
  • "We want to plant more 80 trees on KHAN-NA area around the unused space between rice paddies. We will do our best to take care all trees.”

Meet Vansana and Sonthaya. They are a married couple, living with their huge family in the Arunyaprathet district of Thailand’s Sa Kaeo province. Their household includes their children, grandchildren as well as their grandparents. Together, they work in the rice fields, grow trees through the Paper-Tree project, and take care of their cows, chickens, and ducks. In the morning, Sonthaya feeds the animals and then goes to work in the rice fields with Vansana. They have tried growing these trees before, but unfortunately, they were planted too close to a sugar cane farm and their trees were burned down from their neighbor trying to clear out his sugar cane fields. Now, they plan to plant about 80 seedlings of the Paper-Tree on their unused land around rice paddies (known as KHAN-NA.) They hope to share what they’ve learned from their past mistakes with other farmers. They also advise Paper-Tree planting farmers to really take care of their trees. Even though they require little maintenance work, it’s important to water and fertilize the soil properly.


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