Vichai Kanmanee
DA_FARMERS_175X175_Vichai Kanmanee
  • Location: Thailand
  • "I’m proud of myself that I made the right decision to join the Paper-Tree Project.”

Meet Vichai. Vichai is both a village headman assistant and a farmer. He joined the Paper-Tree Project and has been planting Paper-Tree saplings for almost three years. He has already sold some of his trees, and has used that money to pay off his land rental and rent more land. He says joining the project has been really good for him because it gives him a stable second income. In the past three years of planting the trees, he has only had to fertilize them twice, and uses a small tractor to loosen up the soil from time to time, which makes them grow faster. He is proud that he made the decision to grow these specially-cultivated trees, because it only took a little investment for a big return.


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