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What is One Dream, One Tree?

Double A’s One Dream, One Tree program is a real commitment to global sustainability that began when Double A was founded almost two decades ago. 

Through an innovative design, Double A has created a sustainable use of resources to create their premium paper, which also supports supplemental income for farmers and new uses for previously unused farm land.

Think about that. “Reforesting land, not clearing it, is high on the to-do list for restraining greenhouse gas emissions, since growing plants absorb and store carbon dioxide,” wrote The Washington Post on its August 13, 2019, editorial page. Growing more, on less land, was also cited in the editorial as necessary for protecting our world, something Double A does by purchasing from rice farmers who grow the Paper-Tree on previously unused strips of land between their rice paddies, known as the KHAN-NA.

The Paper-Tree that Double A uses is special, not only for high quality fiber, but also for fast growth that allows for more trees per growing season in the same amount of land.  The high quality and jam-free copy performance of Double A paper are the result of these exceptional trees, contributing high fiber content – 30 million fibers per gram – along with Double A’s production process. This, along with Double A’s efficient, earth-friendly processes, gives each sheet of paper the high density required for stability, smoothness, and high opacity for double-sided printing. A truly high-quality, premium paper.


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Who is Double A Paper?

Founded in 1991, Double A’s corporate vision as a leader in global sustainability is equally as important than its trusted brand and high quality paper product line. One Dream, One Tree reflects this commitment to give back and protect the Earth, but it’s only a beginning. The enduring Double A vision fosters an enlightened relationship with the Earth, its resources, and the joyful, innovative progress of all people.

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