The Farmers

One Dream, One Tree Farmer

A Green Solution for Farmers in More Ways Than One

Imagine you’re a farmer in Thailand. All day, in the hot sun, you work hard in your rice paddies. 

Double A Paper has helped support more than 132,000 farmers! Rice farmers in Thailand can enter the Paper-Tree project and plant the high quality, fast growing Paper-Tree saplings on the unused portions of their rice fields called the KHAN-NA. 

The KHAN-NA is the space between the rice paddies which many of the farmers use to walk between fields all day. By planting the Paper-Tree, hard-working farmers gain shade as they work, additional income if they choose to harvest and sell them to Double A, and of course oxygen for the Earth. 

It takes all of us to make a difference, and Double A is committed to sustainability in the production of their paper. We use raw materials from the harvested trees, keeping us from borrowing from our planet’s natural resources. By being a part of the Paper-Tree project, Double A is able to pay farmers for the fully grown trees after about 3 years, which also boosts the local economy. The fully sustainable process helps farmers provide for their families and pay household and farm expenses.

Planting these trees also improves the environment’s oxygen levels. Additionally, the paper is produced in manufacturing centers powered by biomass fuel created from the Paper-Tree’s waste.

By participating in One Dream, One Tree, you become part of Double A’s sustainable process. Once you have a tree planted in your honor by participating in One Dream, One Tree, you will be able to see updates on what your Paper-Tree looks like through its first year of growth and receive valuable information on how you too can make additional efforts every day to live more sustainable and help our planet. 

Together with your help we were able to reach our goal of planting 500,000 trees by February 29, 2020!


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Choose a Farmer to Learn More

Select one of the actual Double A One Dream, One Tree farmers below to learn more about their farms, village and family. And if you win the free trip to Thailand, you’ll get to plant your own tree on one of these many farms and say “สวัสดี” (hello) to a One Dream, One Tree farmer!

Rungvirat Charadying
Pajon Kolsombhi
Samrerng Pachee
Samuay Inrot
Vichai Kanmanee
Ekkarak Setsriri
Surasak and Noi Tiposaon
Natsarin Manadumrongtum
Kao Ornarun
Udom Nuyok
Jarern Kanmanee
Chan Pholsanong
Vansana and Sonthaya Tonnoi
Bangorn Newilai
Borriboon Chansiri
Boonrung Jumpang
Boonme Srimanee
Phapa Namsuay

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